Supernatural Team

~ Welcome to the Dark side ~


Hello in the world of Darkness. Here is our territory and you’re welcome if you have not bad thoughts. Haha… I’m kidding. This place created by out imagination is full with bad thoughts and dirty desires. If I may say it in that way. I hope that my blog partner with agree with my opinion but this is her choice after all. 

I am just one werewolf girl with imagination create world of fantasy and horror where I can live in the way I want to. I want to share my mind with otherpeople if they want to listen, of course.This blog is our place to be the way we want because in the real world we must be like other people even if we don’t want it. The humans have the habit to judge others if they are different. I don’t like it but this is the truth. I want to ask why, but maybe the answer can be difficult for explanation. 

The Fury and the black cat 2 wow


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    I definitely agree with

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