Supernatural Team

~ Welcome to the Dark side ~

Supernatural Special Team – Chapter 4


I wait until dark and went for a walk. I was dressed as usual… comfortable and sexy. I browse the city. I felt how people look at me. One part of the people hated vampires because they are afraid of us. But there was another part. People who love us and felt lust. They give everything to get some of our time. Voluntary blood donors. Modern people are very… helpful.

     At night, the city is full of people. Most of them were honky geeks: prostitutes and pimps, drunks, drug addicts and homeless. As people seeking fun for one night. Of course, and supernatural creatures were out after dark. In short: here is never boring.

     I stopped for a moment and lit a cigarette. It’s cool to be a vampire because we can do whatever we want without consequences. Then some blond woman approached me. She was dressed in an elegant suit. Lawyer? Yes. She asked me if I have a lighter and pulled out a cigarette. I give her my lighter.

-Tell me… What are you looking in a place like this… lawyer? „I exhale the smoke away from her.

-Search for interesting experiences.

     I understood her suggestion. She wanted to ‘donate’ blood. For the people to give blood to a vampire was stronger even than sex. That’s why they could not stop after the first time. But if I am right this would be the first time for her. Fascinating.

-You like playing with fire, huh?

-That’s right. Do you want to join me?

     I smiled and walked with her. Here, hotels are unpleasant, but at least they offer privacy and no one cares what you do there. We entered into the room and she shut the door. She leaves her bag on the only table in the room. She started to open her shirt. I watched at her. I prefer men, but sometimes it’s happening to have fun and with a beautiful lady. We (vampires) are pretty free in that way. I speak not only for drinking blood.

     The woman came and hugged me around the waist. She was slight higher than me. I renege her hair. I looked at her and told her to relax. Then carefully push my tongue of her neck to soften the skin. She moaned. I stuck my teeth in her neck. In the beginning it’s hurt, but pretty quickly she was able to relax. I felt her body react to my actions. She burns with passion. Even initially had no such intentions, now she wanted more than to drink her blood. I read her mind. She wanted to cast her on the bed and rip her clothes. She wanted sex, although she has never been with a woman in that way. But this is normal. The vampires have such influence on people. Just that right now I did not want to play games. Too bad. She seems quite… heated and horny.

     When I stopped drinking her blood, I wiped my lips.

-Thanks for… drink!

-Is that all? I thought…

-I know, baby! Maybe next time. Today I have more important work to do.

-But… – she hugged me, but not to stop me.

-Don’t be sad. Beautiful girls should not cry.

     She nodded, then went and took something from her bag. Business card. Submit it to me.

-Sharon Letterman. Nice name for a lawyer.

-What is your name?


-Jessica… – she repeated very gently. „I… How can I find you if…

-Check the list of private detectives. There is no other vampire… except me.

-You’re a private detective?

     I smiled to her surprise. I kissed her slightly and disappeared into the night, leaving her alone in that seedy whorehouse. A little rough on my side, but we (the vampires) do so.



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