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Valley of the Vampires [chapter 1]


Vampire in the twenty-first century? There is no better than that. People didn’t believe in our existence. It suits us perfectly. Vampires I mean. But this only applies to people who don’t know us. I, for example. My parents drove me from our home because they thought it is best. How selfish. Is it my fault that I was born a vampire?
Rather it is their fault, right? But it’s easier to blame the monster, right?
It might be cool to be a vampire, but it’s terribly lonely too. I had to avoid people and communicating with them. It’s not easy to live alone, especially if you have nowhere to go and whom to rely. I had some money, so I took my luggage and I gave up at midnight. I didn’t say “goodbye”. My heart is shrinking from pain, but I knew that it is the best what I can do. I would not bear the thought that my family hates me.
I hike for days. I was sleeping where I fall. Spend money only for food. The fact that vampires can not eat anything other than blood… not quite true. Well, maybe only the  most inferior. Lust is very tricky. And definitely painful, if you try to opposite it. I tried once and a little crazy. I took pure luck that I didn’t something stupid. Anyway, what I’m saying? Ah, yes! I slept in a lot… unpleasant places. I had no other choice. Preferred uninhabited buildings, but did sewer work. There is more disgusting than I thought. I looked like a bum.
One day, quite by accident, I found myself at the home of one of our relatives. The old lady was the aunt of my mother. Very strange woman. As a child I thought that she was a witch. Not that I was far from the truth… So… Wander round the house after sunset. I dared not knock. I was afraid. Finally, with one leap I found myself on the  roof. Thankfully not raining tonight. Red tiles shone especially by moonlight. I lay down and stare at the sky. Nevertheless, the night was nice. It was autumn and for that the wind was warm. In the air floated the scent of flowers. I could feel every bit of this wonderful fragrance. It makes me sad. I was still young and too related to the human world. I grew as a human, although it turned out that I’ve never been one. Furthermore, I did not know any other vampires. My parents do not talk about that. Taboo! Now, when I think, I understood why all my family watching me… like I am animal.
I don’t remember when I fell asleep. Perhaps the pulse of the sleeping world me sleep like a lullaby. I only know that I woke up from bright sunlight. It seemed to pierced my eyes. Don’t hurt me, but I was still sensitive. For this I covered my head with my jacket. Darkness was more… nice. Calm me down. Then I heard an old woman’s voice that called me. The old lady knew that I was there. Perhaps she knew from the outset. I smiled and my sharp canine teeth showed a slight. During the transformation, they become even longer.
I came down from the roof with ease. She invited me inside. The curtains were lowed, so inside was dark and cool. I felt comfortable. The woman called Sofia Willis. She was  about sixty years old. Her hair was white as snow and eyes – blue as a summer sky. She was not very high but in her have something. Despite her age I could see that she has  ever been beautiful.

      One day, quite by accident, I found myself at the home of one of our relatives. The old lady was the aunt of my mother. Very strange woman. As a child I thought that she was a witch. Not that I was far from the truth… So… Wander round the house after sunset. I dared not knock. I was afraid. Finally, with one leap I found myself on the  roof. Thankfully not raining tonight. Red tiles shone especially by moonlight. I lay down and stare at the sky. Nevertheless, the night was nice. It was autumn and for that the wind was warm. In the air floated the scent of flowers. I could feel every bit of this wonderful fragrance. It makes me sad. I was still young and too related to the human world. I grew as a human, although it turned out that I’ve never been one. Furthermore, I did not know any other vampires. My parents do not talk about that. Taboo! Now, when I think, I understood why all my family watching me… like I am animal.

      I don’t remember when I fell asleep. Perhaps the pulse of the sleeping world me sleep like a lullaby. I only know that I woke up from bright sunlight. It seemed to pierced my eyes. Don’t hurt me, but I was still sensitive. For this I covered my head with my jacket. Darkness was more… nice. Calm me down. Then I heard an old woman’s voice that called me. The old lady knew that I was there. Perhaps she knew from the outset. I smiled and my sharp canine teeth showed a slight. During the transformation, they become even  longer.

      I came down from the roof with ease. She invited me inside. The curtains were lowed, so inside was dark and cool. I felt comfortable. The woman called Sofia Willis. She was  about sixty years old. Her hair was white as snow and eyes – blue as a summer sky. She was not very high but in her have something. Despite her age I could see that she has  ever been beautiful.

      The woman brought me tea. Maybe some herb. She watched me. I did not feel her regret or disgust. It seemed to me strange and suspicious. She even allowed me to bathe  and to dressed clean clothes. Then cleaned everything. I was suspicious to her kindness. Nobody was kind to me. Nobody! Only I was tired and fell asleep in the room with boarded-up windows. It looked like some basement. Strange… I liked. And I slept and in more strange places.  The good thing is that I could keep everything around me under  control. I could hear every sound, even those who can not be heard. I must say however that not all sounds were pleasant.

      Aunt Sofia stood by me. She sat on a rocking chair and knit something. Creating of chair maddening me. Nevertheless, I was awakened by a vampire from a short time. I  can not control my emotions very well. That’s why I woke up. I watched her, and she continued to knit. Without looked at me she began to speak. She told me that I am not alone. That have a reason that I am what I am. That is inherited. Just me for generations I inherited the vampire blood. Belong to vampire race. She told me that one of my ancient relatives live in a beautiful house in Asia. This surprised me, or rather shocked me. Why exactly in this place?

      On top he had host club. But that is horror. How else could fail? Although vampires do not boast their high morale. The woman told me that he wants to go to him. I wondered. I had no choice, right? There was nothing and nobody to hold me. I accepted this invitation. The led Sofia to stop and phoned. She seemed happy. For a moment I was eager to break her neck.




      Here I am… in Asia. I will not say exactly where. I had my companion. The old witch refused to leave me alone. Probably she was afraid that I will escape. Damn it! She was not been enough to take me there, but she made me wear a dress. I felt uneasy. At least she allowed me to cut my hair that was too long. Well, it was not passing over the shoulders as I wanted but was not and to the mid-thigh. I always wear it to shallow. Anyway.

      She was even hired a car. I just wanted to disappear. Just thought I felt… There was something strange. Perhaps for the first time I felt the other vampires. The truth is that I was afraid of them and yet accept them as competition. I was nervous. The feeling began to be strengthened when the car stopped in front of a building. A nice place in a typical gloomy style. Still fascinated by the first sight. This is the club. “Valley of the vampires”.  Fascinating. Everything inside was of red silk. There were roses. Welcomed our beautiful boys and girls. Apparently the club was mixed. They immediately recognized the Sofia. No wonder that they can not felt me. They were still just people. Although I think they were… fascinated me. Vampire broadcast, huh? I did not want to be closer to me, although they were beautiful.

      Then from behind a curtain came boy. Definitely was a vampire. He had a beautiful pitch-black hair and patterned eyes. He also felt me and come. Greetings friendly Sofia. But that was disgusting. They looked like former lovers. I would not be surprised if that was true. The boy’s name was Kai. He looked me all. He smiled to me. I watched him like I wanted to kill him. However behaved… kindly.

      They invited us inside. Cozy place. Inside, everyone had fun. This included drinking and harmless banter. Without sex. Champagne sparkled in crystal glass. Drifting scent of perfume and cigarette smoke. I could feel them… Vampires… I do not go unnoticed. Even if not obvious, they followed me. I clung to Sofia and follow her. Then at the end of the hall came a man. Vampire, accurately. I felt the connection between us. Whether he was my relative? Turns out is was true. A moment later he stood before us. Bow down and kissed the old woman hand. Then he looked at me. He was beautiful. But this is no surprise. His name was Michael. One I know for sure… he was ancient. He has black hair with blond locks. His eyes were black as night. He was tall and slender with a muscular body. He wore a beautiful white suit and black silk shirt.

      Michael smiled and flashed his sharp teeth. The girls around us fell into raptures.  It is true that he is beautiful, but I’m not impressed. I was too absorbed in myself to notice. I did not expect this situation to make me shut up in myself. Their happiness makes me sad because I remembered that I never had true happiness. Especially since I was “awakened”. I sighed sadly. Everything around me was so bright that only annoyed me. I do not know why. I had to pretend.

      Sofia sat down and started chatting to them. I stood on the side. I felt some dark radiation. And yet there was something… fun. Fun and dark are quite unexpected combination. I looked and saw him. A beautiful vampire. Was of Asian origin. His name is Shion.  He was tall and muscular. Had black hair and black eyes. He stood on a soft sofa and flirted with a woman. He seemed to me interesting, but not enough to make me like this place. But that annoying. That’s bad. I’m still at the beginning of the road and I’m already bored.

      All laughed. Suddenly my phone rang. I did not expect. I did not expect to hear this phone again. I replied. I only heard breathing. I think the guy on the other side of the line was worried. My curiosity is awakened, but just then the man hung up. I was angry. I almost break my phone. Kai stopped me. He smiling and looked at me kindly. Only that he had a strong grip.


-Calm down, lady!


     I did not answer. Just got my phone and sat down. I drink a glass of red wine in one breath. The boy laughed and the girls around him giggled. I got up and walked toward the exit. Sofia saw me, but both of us knew that I had nowhere to escape. It’s could be true, but that does not mean that I will stay there. I went out.


Game Of The Fate [chapter 1 to chapter 7]

Chapter 1


Being the youngest in the family is pretty nasty. I say this because I am the youngest in my clan. Oh yeah! I’d forgotten. I’m pureblood vampire. But I’ll talk about that later. People think that being a vampire is easy. That we can do whatever we want. To kill and drink blood and have fun. Yes, but it is not true. We have a lot rules. Especially we who are called “aristocrats”. We had to have an example of ordinary vampires. I don’t like such a responsibility. I don’t like to communicate with anyone (or more precisely a certain kind of people). But on its merits.

      We live in a world in which there is no need to hide. People still admire on my rice and fear. But now we don’t accept something like… unusual. Sometimes they want to be photographed with us. We were such an attraction. There was only one thing that was trying to compete with us ” werewolves. Those annoying, hairy savages. Most of them were a bunch of crude idiots who just wondering how to tease us. We had a contract or an alliance depends on perspective. And according this… contract, we should not attack each other. Vampires are better behaved and we tried to stay away from them. But they… They annoyed us at every opportunity. So I avoid going out alone. Let say that under certain conditions I can not tolerate them and may become one… incident. For this reason, my father asked my older twin brother Soren accompanied me everywhere. With him are very close. He was older than me a few minutes. They called us a “Double S” because of our names ” Soren and Sylvie.  We both were born with silver hair and eyes… Oh yeah! Our eyes were interesting. Changed their color according to light (but most of the time were blue). Of course, we done with light blue or red eyes, reveal our true nature. Here was our difference. My eyes became blue, and my brother ” red.

      We were both 17 years old. And we walk to school. People take us well, but wolves we created few problems. Soren always defended me and if I must be honest, he was a little jealous. This is normal. I’m his younger sister, and we are twins. But I knew one thing for sure: I can count on him. He would always protect me and I would protect him. As our parents and all adults in the clan, were quite serious most of the time, we had to be more careful. Sure, they organized and lavish banquets. We never attended… officially. I remember once my brother is curious insert in one of the halls. Then we were probably 12 or 13 years. Since I could not leave him alone, I followed him. There was an old shaft in which the slip. Soren see something of that party. And I wanted to look, but he did not allow me. He said that it will be better. Our parents knew about it and they were quite angry to us. The shaft was sealed.

      I never understood what he had seen. Even now, after we were grown, he still refused to tell me. I respect his decision and do not raise the topic again. Whatever had happened in that room… would remain secret.

      The school year has begun and as always we had to get up early. Pureblood vampires and most of the ordinary vamps we can walk freely in daylight. This broken a lot of myths that we turn into dust. Well, yes. In ancient times it was so, but they say that with time came a mystical flavor that is mixed with the blood of vampires and werewolves, and so we changed. Now we are more advanced than our ancestors. Anyway.

      Soren was always more excited to going to human school than I am. He was earlier than usual and woke me up. However I repeated that it is annoying, but he never heard me. Out mom was making breakfast (which was not blood) and send us to the car. We had many servants, but there small gestures make her happy. Who are we to take it from her? And it lacked to her. We had two older brothers, but they don’t live with us. For that she bombarded us with care.

      We had a personal driver ” Alfred. He was quite old, although it’s not obvious. I’m sure that he was about 500 years old. He was tall and muscular. He had short black hair and dark eyes. Always wore a uniform and more like a bodyguard. Alfred drove us to school. There the yard still was not very full, because it was earlier. The weather was gloomy and would rain, but Soren was in a good mood. He out of the car spread his arms and took a deep breath. I went after him. I shook my head over his good mood. I smiled to him. His good mood was generally contagious. At least so say his friends. They said to us that we are most mysterious vampires who have come across. I accept is as a compliment. And why not? We were unique.


Chapter 2




     Really it started to rain. This made everyone in class a little distracted. Some were even asleep. I looked through the window how it rains. Not that I have anything against the teacher Mrs. Parker, but math is one of the subject which I hated most. So does my best friend Liz love this boring subject. She loved to learn. She was very excited. At that she and Soren alike. Moreover, she was in love with my brother since we were five years ago. She thinks I do not know. She is too shy to tell me. And she is a human. Although she does not distinguish between her and me. I was her best friend, not a vampire that can do things with inhuman abilities. Well, she likes that.

      And as I said, just Liz closely followed the words of the teacher. Or almost careful. I noticed how out of her notebook were written “S + E” surrounded by hearts. (Liz is short for Elizabeth). This made me smile slightly. Even happier I was when the bell announced the end of mathematics. I got notebooks in the bag with both Liz came out in a crowded corridor. There we caught up with Avery Swan. He was third in the group. He was a werewolf and I think he was gay. And he thought so. But he was my best friend. So I did not care who he is. And I do not care for his sexual orientation.

      He and Liz were talking about something and I did not hear them. Then someone stopped us. I realized it when I heard the voice of Liz. She looked more angry than usual. It is no surprise to the cause of her anger was. His name is Jet and his band still fretted Avery and Liz.


-Let see, who was here! Little bitch Avery. ” Jet grinned.


-Why not get out? ” yelled Liz. ” Go to chasing your tail, fool.


     Then Jet looked at me. I replied to his look. I did not like this guy. He was tedious and arrogant.


-And if this is not little vampire… Do you drink someone’s blood today, bloodsucker? ” He loved to get stuck.


     I was about to answer him when my brother came. He stood between me and Jet. He looked serious.


-You got a problem? ” Soren growled. ” Leave my sister alone, if you do not want to crush you.


-You again? Maybe she can not to protect herself. Useless vampire. ” Jet grinned.


     My brother was going to hit him, but I stopped him because I saw that in the hall is assigned deputy director. Not that I don’t want Soren to break the face of that dog, but I would not let my brother suffer. I got Soren for his hand and led him away through the crowd. Liz and Avery go out with us. I felt the tension in the body of my brother. He was furious. So I grabbed him to the back of the school where almost nobody went. There he was able to pour all his rage on a tree. He hit it while his hands were covered with blood and wounds. Then I stopped him. We were only two, because Liz and Avery went in a class. I grabbed his hands and began to clean the blood.


-Sorry, brother!


     He looked at me.


-Why be sorry? It’s not your fault, and on that idiot.


-You had to leave me alone to do it.


-I’m your brother. I will always protect you. I know you can do if yourself but I can not sit back and watch indifferently.


-But I don’t want to be hurt because of me. ” I almost cried.


     It is unusual for a vampire to have such emotion. No… I mean to show emotions. But it was painful to watch how my brother suffers. So I hugged him hard. He kissed me on the forehead and hugged me too. Now we were both more relaxed.


Chapter 3



     Jet received only verbal notice by the Deputy Director. But he did not like that only he and his friends were rebuke. Although they were guilty. But this is not decreasing their anger. So after they left school they went to the stadium to run. They had their rules on hunting and even running in the woods. It was too dangerous because of the so-called ‘poachers’. There were still people who kill vampires and werewolves, and then for fun. Police chased them, but either found so sufficient evidence or failed to identity criminals.


      So they went to run the stadium. Only there they were allowed to walk alone. And there had guards to protect them. Jet was furious. His eyes burned with anger.


-It’s not fair! Why these bloodsuckers were not punished?


-Calm down, dude! They’ll pay for this. ” Leo told him, and he was among his best friends.


     He looked nice… at least compared to Jet. He has short brown hair and warm brown eyes. Like most of their kind, he was with well designed body. One should be recognized for the werewolves ” they were athletic.


-Who and what will pay?


     The voice flew out from behind a corner near the central benches. From the shadows came out a boy. Hardly was older those 20 years. But surely he looks more than that. He was tall and muscular. He had long brown hair and golden eyes. His back, shoulders and his hands were painted with a large tattoo. It was not any particular shape, but it certainly gave the impression. He was wearing leather pants and black jerseys. His belt buckle was in the shape of the skull. His shoes… I mean his boots were almost to the knees and were also black. On his wrists wearing leather bracelets with studs. This kind of looked like a rocker, but I don’t think he was. But he was extremely sexy. All the girls were crazy about him, though he had a nasty character.


-Vince? ” Jet exclaimed.


     Exactly. His name is Vincent, but everyone called him Vince. Alpha male in his pack. Furthermore, he was the older brother of Jet. Obviously filthy character is family train.


-Well? Who pissed you off this time? ” Vince asked.


-That idiot Soren.


-Yeah… We spoke with his sister and he was pissed off.  ” Max said.


-His sister, huh? What was her name?


-Sylvie. ” Cassie said. ” She does not talk to anyone except…


-Avery… – Jet growled. ” This a traitor.


     Vince was not the meek… people. He loved to behave badly with Avery and tease my brother and his friends. He did not offend me… yet. But after what happened with me today became the topic of conversation, he thinks about it. Why not make Soren’s sister his victim? Well, he did not even suspect what this mean. He would know the hard way.


Chapter 4


     Soren stood alone in his room and listened to music on his iPod.  But something else was engrossed his thoughts. Something he did not want to share with his own sister. Actually it was harder for him to think about it.

‘Damn! How do I protect her?’

     He stood alone in his room and was going to go crazy. He did not want wolves to deal with his sister. He could not be with me throughout the school. How would hide his feeling from me? I always knew when he feels bad. How would he tell her this? How would keep me save there?

     He sighed and finally threw iPod the other end of his bed. He could not concentrate. He could not to learn. Then the door knocked. The boy did not notice that his mother entered.

-What is it, my boy?

-Nothing, mom.

-Don’t lie to me. I know you.

-Today Jet again harassed Sylvie and her friends.

-And you worry about her. I know that you adore your sister , but you must leave her alone to solve her problems.

-But Mom…

     She sat beside him on the bed and stroked his hair.

-There once she would be without you.

-Never! ” He insisted.

-She would be able to defend herself. If you do everything for her, she will become powerless. And we both know that this is painful for any vampire.

     Soren knew. He understands what his mother trying to say. This would be the hardest thing he ever did. Of course, he would not leave me completely, and would just give me more freedom. Or so promise on our mother.




     I tried to learn. Not received. I was sad and angry. I don’t understand. What is their problem to those wolves? Why harass us all the time? And Avery is a wolf too. That badass bullies the weak, just because they like to do it. Bastards. I was so angry that I jumped from my chair and threw my book in English to the wall. What is thinking? I’m not weak. I’m a vampire. Damn! My body was shaking with anger. The next moment in my room invaded Soren. He looked at me a little confused. Mom stood beside him.

-What happened, darling? ” She asked me.

-Sylvie? Are you okay? ” Soren sounded more worried by mom. But he always overdoing.

-Yeah, I’m fine. ” I tried to sound convincing.

-What’s up, Sylvie? Your brother told me about what happened. That is why you are mad? ” Mom asked.

-It’s not fair. These jerks deserve a good lesson.

-Don’t do shit, kids.

     Soren and I looked at each other. To do shit? Who? Are we? Of course we will not do anything. We are not hooligans. But we would not let them to do what they want.

‘What do you say, bro?’

‘Let’s give them a lesson!’ ” Soren smiled on without saying anything.

     Mom put her hand on her hips and looked at us. She knew that we were up to something. She easily reveals us even to talk about telepathy.

-Hey, you!  No shenanigans!

-Upon my word! ” Both said in unison.


-Yes, dear!

-Where’s Dad? He still busy with the Elders?

-As always. After that he will examine how the company goes.

-He will meet with Matt and Kelan?  – My voice was filled with joy, and this led Soren make wry grimace.


-And they will come? So are they so busy, that they do not come to see me and my brother?

-They will come soon to see you both. Don’t worry, Sylvie. Now I should go and check how it goes the dinner.

     Mom left the room, and Soren lay on my bed. He was silent. It seemed to me that he was angry about something. I was afraid to ask. I just lay down beside him and took his hand. We always did this when one of us was angry. I watched him.



-I promise that I will be with you always, but I will let you to solve your problems alone.

-Are you serious?

-Mom was right. My excessive love possesses you. I don’t want someday to hate me for this.

-This will never happen. You know that you always be my favorite brother.

-More than Matt and Kelan?

-Yep. However, we are twins.

-Only for that? ” He seemed a little sad.

-Of course not. But I do not join this topic again. You become melodramatic.

     Soren smiled.

-You’re right. Sylvie?


-Someday I’ll tell you the truth.

-What truth? ” I gently lifted and I looked at him serious.

-For what I saw that night at the party.

-Do you tell me?

-Sure. I don’t want to have secrets. If there is something that bothers you… tell me.

     I nodded in token of consent. With this call retired. Until it is time for dinner, my brother helped me with math homework. Soren was a real genius. I envied him a lot about it. Often teased him, but he was not mad at me.




     At night I slept restlessly. For some reason I had a bad feeling. As if something had happened. Not a family member and a friend of mine. I woke up and my brother looked at me frightened. He had felt my fear and had responded. Sometimes I think he stands and lurks in the darkness, waiting to be called. It is not that. We just had a strong psychological connection. Telepathy, perhaps? He tried to reassure me. I asked him to leave me alone. I loved it and knew that he was concerned about me, but I did not want to saddle him with everything. He asked to stay, but my strong view him to accept my decision. He leaved me alone.

     I got out of bed and went to the window. Outside it rained. But even awake, I could not get rid of bad feeling.




     That’s right. My hunch was correct. Avery came home from work (part-time working in a pizzeria as courier), when fell into an ambush. A group of punks, who were werewolves, attacked him. Pushed him, but only the beginning. Then they broke him… like a dog. They abandoned him lying in a puddle; the whole was covered in blood. He thought he would die. Only that would not happen. He gets help from the last person he expected.


     Yeah… Freaky and nasty wolf, which has plagued Avery since they were children. Now, however, helped him. Why?

-Why… you… helped… me?

-I don’t do it for you. Just will not allow intruders to attack my wolves. ” He growled.

     Vince picked up the wounded wolf and takes him at his home (Avery’s home). Brief explanation of his parents and left. Once picked, immediately called his father, who was going to tell the Elders. However, Vince loved to harass the weaker of the pack, but hated the others doing it. Especially if it was an intruder.


Chapter 5


     On the way to school, Soren was unusually silent. He did not want to talk with me. I felt guilty about it. Does he not understand that I do not want to worry him? It’s nice to have older brothers, but sometimes it’s annoying. When I was little, my brothers Matt, Kelan and Soren still went after me and kept me save. I could hide from them if it was not my twin brother. He always knew where I was. Dad always said that the older brothers must keep their younger sisters. This is true, but they do overdo it. Now, when I asked Soren to give me a little freedom, he thought that I no longer love him. But that was nonsense.

      Alfred drove us. I went ahead because I felt a little… angry. This prompted my brother to notice the hint. He caught me and grabbed my hand. I stopped and both looked at each other. One look was fully sufficient to stop with such disputes. Then Soren noticed something behind me.

-Hey, Avery! What happened to you? ” He asked and I turned.

     When I saw him, all my body froze in place. Instinctively I put a hand on my lips. I separated from my brother and went to my best friends.  I touched the face of Avery and he moaned in pain, so I immediately stepped. I felt a little strange. I felt the blood or at least smell it, although it was gone… visible. Then I realized. That’s why I was restless all night.

-What happened? ” I asked uncertainly.

-Someone attacked me. ” Boy answered.

-You know who that was? Vampires? Or werewolves? ” I hope that is not from my kind.

-They were werewolves. There were not local.

-How do you get out? ” Soren intervened in the conversation.

-They left me. I felt bad.

-Then how…?

-Vince took me home.

     I don’t remember to have heard about him. Or at least I do not remember the name. But the reaction of my brother, I realized that he knows him.

-Who is he? ” I asked.

-The elder brother of Jet. ” Liz said.

-Is he?

-You know him? ” My brother asked.

-Not personally. I’ve heard that the older brother of Jet is pretty… popular. I have not seen him.

-It’s better for you. ” Avery said. ” He is a true badass.

-But he helped you.

-Just because my strikers are not local, and they are without invitation in his territory.

     Someone called us and reminded us that we should enter in class. Hooray! We had literature. I love this subject, and Miss Palmer is cool. Yet I felt lousy for Avery. And my brother was worried about intruders. To immediately call to my dad and told him. And he told me that I should not go home alone. Not I ever did.  But now we had a problem.

      The literature class went well, but all of my classmates were a little nervous about what happened to Avery. All liked him because he was cool and funny. But the facts that hanging around gang of werewolves do not improve things. The truth is that throughout the day at school were all nervous and restless. On top Soren called me that he had to go home earlier and I must wait Alfred. I bet he is called by the “Council”. They gathered as always had a problem. Fully understand the situation.

      As soon as classes ended, all of my classmates departed. In practice here was stayed only me, Liz and Avery. But they came to take them. Liz offered to drive me home, but I declined. I told her that they would come to take me. She told me to be very careful. I nodded and waved her hand while the car away. I stayed alone in the parking lot.  Would still have rain, and I wore not my umbrella. Furthermore, there was wind. It suggested me that the approaching danger. Here they are. Avery’s strikers.

      They were five. Definitely looked like criminals. They walked towards me. I quickly showed them who I was or exactly what I am. This led them to stop for a moment.

-What have we here? Vampire. ” Said one of them.

-Who are you? What do you want? ” Desperately I tried to hide my fear.

-Soon you will know… personal.

-I don’t think so! ” The voice came from behind my back.

     There was a boy who resembled the attackers, but was not. He stood before me.

-Out of my territory. ” Said the newcomer.

-So what? You protect this stupid bloodsucker?

-No. But you’re here without permission and have attacked a member of my pack.

     This was supposed to be Vince. Indeed, he seemed perfect, but his character was not a lie. Moreover, I felt humiliated.

-Hey, wait a minute! I’m still here. ” They looked at me with fury.

-Shut up, you bloodsucker!

     This melted glass. This territory was not only the wolves. And no one to hold me likes that.

-Listen, dog!  Get out of here!

     My eyes now shone as destructive lightning. The energy dancing around me and I hid my sharp canines. My voice was a little different. Something mixed between human speech and animal growl.

-Don’t provoke me, geeks! ” I said and I was really angry.

     They were ready to attack, but something interrupted us. Phone rang. It was the phone to him a fool who played the boss. He raised and obviously he did not like what he heard. A minute later he recalled his comrades. They disappeared as they were occurring. Remained in the parking lot just me and the wolf. Again I was normal and I fell to the ground. My legs were shaking. I breathe deeply to calm down.

-Look at you! And I thought you are absolutely useless. ” He said.

-Get away!  – I tried to sound convincing.

     He handed me a hand to stand.  I do not fumble. I stood up alone. I did not trust on this… I do not even know how to call him.

-My brother is right. You are ungrateful.

-I didn’t need from your help. ” I said. – And I was alone to deal with them.

-Yeah! You can not handle even one of them. And they had no intention to kill you. Rather, they would…

-Enough! I won’t to thank you.

     But this sudden burst of anger and energy played me a nasty trick. Pain pierced my whole body. I missed the bag and fell on my knees. I breathed hard. I felt that the boy came up to me.

-Now what? Are you afraid?

-Get… out. Damn… it hurt.

     Then Alfred came. He made the wolf to step back. The driver thought that he attacked me. Hardly could I tell him that he was wrong. I rose from the ground, although difficult. After this sudden pain, I thought now I’m fine. However, I stand up. But I was wrong. The face of the wolf was the last thing I saw before me losing consciousness.


Chapter 6


     Before my eyes darkness reigned. But I heard voices. I heard alarmed voices of my parents and voices of my two older brothers, but mostly I heard the voice of Soren. He does not stop to repeat: ‘I should not leave her alone! I’m guilty.’ But he wasn’t. Nobody was guilty. It was just one… incident. The vampire in me was awakening. What’s like the first ‘shift’ on werewolves. I know that Soren has a real vampire. He had gone through, almost imperceptibly. Well, he was stronger than me. Probably ‘awakening’ has passed unnoticed by him. I guess this is why he does not recognize what is happening to me. And the pain? It was not only because of the process. I was close to a wolf when it happened. Maybe my blood was adopted him as the enemy. I can not say. While I still was not finished with this process. This was only the beginning.

     Daddy tried to calm everyone. Although still could not focus and saw nothing I though I could speak.

-Calm… down!

-Sylvie! Sylvie! ” Soren took my hand.

-You okay, kid? ” It was the voice of Kelan.

-Apart from that I do not see anything… yeah, I’m fine.

-What happened? Who did this, sis? ” Matt asked.

-None. Just…

     I told them everything. For attackers. For Vince. Everything. And while I did, my eyes brighten up. I rose from bed and looked around the faces of the audience one by one. I smiled. This little surprised them. Then I remembered something.

-Dad! I remembered something.

-What, dear? ” He came and sat on the bed.

-Well, they were preparing to attack us, when someone calls them. They walked, albeit unwillingly.

     My father thought for a moment. Then he looked at my brothers. All of them left the room… without me, of course. I heard Dad ordered Alfred to follow me like a shadow. I could not take it and get out of bed. I ran to the door and opened it with the intention to oppose, but… There was no one. However, I hear them. One of the servants went past me and I asked her where they are. She said: in the cabinet. She bowed and disappeared like a shadow in the dark corridor. I stayed silent. I returned to the room, close the door and leaning back on it. I really would become a real vampire. I got excited, but I was pretty scared. The cost to become a worthy member of the clan paid a lot of pain. Could I do it? Could I pay the price?




     Vince stood in the main hall with his family and members of the pack. Of course, he was reported what happened, and intentionally missed the part in which I received and Alfred attack nearly killed him. The members of the pack were not charmed by the intervention of a vampire, because attackers were wolves, though from another pack. Avery was also here. He gathered the courage to express his views.

-It is logical that she intervened. They attacked her. Surely they knew that she is a vampire.

-This time I agree with him. ” Jet intervened, and his speech surprised everyone. ” They obviously do not attack randomly.

-Like our cause. ” Join Max.

     Then the Elder Garland Faust has smoothed his black beard and went into a little reflection. ‘Maybe the boy is right. They want… war.’ Then just dissolved the council. Gave no explanation and said nothing.

     Jet and Vince went to a parked car on Vince. Then saw Avery, Vince gave the keys to his brother and told him to leave without him. The boy was surprised but he did not dare to argue with his brother. He was gone. Vince caught Avery and with few words he convinces him to drive him. Actually were not words, but growl. Avery had no choice.

     They got into the car on my friend. As soon as they leave the area of ‘building for meetings’ Vince spoke.

-You are a friend of that vampire, right? So to speak.

-Yes! ” The boy said uncertainly.

-What do you know about her?

-What? I… She is my friend. I do not want to…

-Avery… – Vince growled. ” I just want to talk to her.


-Because of what happened today. Give me her phone number.

-She will kill me!

-If you do not do it, I will kill you.

     Avery was caught between hammer and anvil. But he feared more that his Alpha, rather than his vampire friend. So he dictated the number. Then leave him outside a bar. It was a place where ordinary people would not go. It was dangerous.




     I lay in the bed. I could not sleep. The last time I looked at my watch, it showed almost three o’clock in the morning. I sighed as I thought about what happened. Then, quite unexpectedly, my mobile phone rang. I took it from the nightstand beside the bed and looked at the display. Unknown number? Who could it be? Moreover, only two people outside the clan knew this number. No how. I replied.

-Hello? Who is this?

‘Would you close the phone if I tell you?’

-I will close if you do not tell me.

‘Vince. Remember me?’

     Damn! I closed before I knew it. But after a few seconds, the phone rang again.

-What do you want? Who gave you the number?

‘Can not you guess? We need to talk about what happened earlier.’

-I have nothing to talk with you.

‘Why do you hate me? You do not even know me.’

-But I know your glory. Moreover you bother Avery.

‘So do you care about this… fool?’

-Don’t talk that about him.

‘I will stop only if you do what I wanted.’

       I was angry. Really angry. This badass blackmail me, but if this game will make him to leave Avery peace, I would make compromise.

-Damn you! Where and when?

     I heard him to laughing.

‘I will find you. Don’t worry.’

     He closed this time. If ever I could not sleep, the chances to do it now were more than zero. The problem was not only that this cretin will call. I had to be alone. And how to get out from Soren and Alfred? Think, Sylvie, think! I jumped out if bed and walked into the shower. Washed and changed my clothes. I do not stand in the room and so I decided to walk around the house. It was quiet simply because there was nobody. Perhaps only Soren. He was sleeping and I heard it. I did not want to wake him, so I stepped from the door of his room. But it opened and a hand pulled me inside. It was dark, but I knew it was my brother. He hugged me.

-Why don’t you sleep, sis?

-I don’t want to sleep. I did not want to wake you up. Sorry.

-Made me afraid today. And now… It is still early, so came to sleep.

-Like when we were young?


     I lay down in his bed and he covered me with his blanket. I huddled in my brother.  Strange. Now I feel much more relaxed. I really fell asleep. I do not know how it happened. Or I felt safer with him. Soren and I were like two bodies and one soul. Not literally, of course.




     The alarm rang at half past six in the morning. I was scared.

-God! I must have fallen asleep.

-You were, sleepyhead. ” My brother smiled.

-Soren… – I contemplating whether to tell him the truth.

-What is it, Sylvie? Something bad had happened?

-Well, I’m not sure.

-Speak! You scare me.

-Vince calls me.


-He wants to talk with me.

-No! I do not want this dog to approach you.

-Me too, but…

-Wait a minute! Don’t tell me that you want to see him?

-Of course not! But he said that if I talk with him only this time, he will not harass Avery. The deal sounded good.

-Sylvie! You know what they say about him.

-Yes, I know! This is just one call. I will not let him get close to me.

-Then I come will with you.  I will not leave you alone with him.

     I wanted to say something, but I could not. Lately, I too isolated him and this hurts us both. Furthermore, I did not know either where or when I will meet with the wolf. But other troubled me. Soren’s words. Am I sure that I want to meet that guy? I do not like him. Right? Damn! It is true that he is sexy and dangerous, but he was the biggest loser I know. 


Chapter 7


     He parked in front my home. Follow the same procedure, except that I was half asleep and he woke me up. I felt stupid and awkward. But my option is not concerned. He just rang. I expected to open a servant, but it was my father. He watching us… both. Vince told him that he found me. My brothers (including Soren) and my mother immediately appeared. The wolf handed me to my father and turned around. He go down the stairs when my dad spoke only one word.


-Thank you!


     Dad rarely pronounced this word, especially on the wolf. But this time he said it and exactly to this one. I hated that I forced my father to say it. Without further ado they dealt me in my room. Mom helped me put on my nightgown and put me to bed. Soren gave me something to eat. Mom looked at him and leave us alone. My brother dared not look at me. So  I had to start.


-You hate me?


     He looked at me. He leave the tray and sat down beside me. Got my hands.


-No! I don’t hate you. I could not. I was just scared.


-You hurt me. Did you know that?


-I did not want to. You ran away because of me, right? And that…


-Nothing I did. He helped me because he was guilty. But now… he pay it.


-And yet I hate him. Because of him I was going to lose you, sis.


     I can not say that I hate him. I do not know what to think. This kind of confused me. Surely this purpose. Not gonna happen! Not far to me. But the mere fact that I think about it was a victory in his favor. Damn!

      Soren slept beside me in my bed. He was calm only when he could watch me. But I stayed awake. Staring into the darkness and I thought I’m the worst vampire in the world. I mean… most useless. I only hope that once my real nature woke up, I will be… different.






     Far away… Outside of our territory… something happened. Something evil is rising from the darkness. It was the first time and surely would not last. But on its merits. In a small valley among the rocks hiding cave. Gloomy… Deep as the grace cave. From it radiated the deathly chill as if it were a tomb. Or maybe it was… In there… Deep in the depths it could hear the murmur of water. In the beginning was only an echo, but the deeped you go, the more it because deafening roar of falling water. Underground river. It hid THEM. Children of the night and their allies. For a single moment of darkness was so thick that a knife to cut it. But here… The rocky walls, one by one emerge fireballs. Their soft, yet eerie light illumination cave. The light revealed a hundred or even more pieces. Yes… Vampires and werewolves… Evil… Allied by their common hatred. They rejected our way of life. Our attempt to integrate among the people. They find it distastedful. Of weakness. For these people were like… animals. Thought to usurp power and become not only here but around the world in a terrible place. Wanted world domination. Were too arrogant and stuck in the era from which they come and not see that this is a brand new world. They did not want to change. What they wanted to change the world as they like. And we… We were an obstracle. Pebble, which can overturn the cart. So they wanted to destroy this stone. To destroy… us.




     Vince also not sleeping. Fot the first time it happened to suffer from unconsciousness. He blamed me for it. He lay in bed and staring at the ceiling. Every time when he close his eyes he saw my face and my scent was adhering to him as a subtle web. He was not lying to take a shower. Why? Why not wash my presence? What’s bothering him?


-Shit! That bitch will not win!


     But win what? Why is he so worried? After all, he started the game? This make him so mad at all. Thought that might lose in his own game.






     This sunny day was a nightmare. It is true that we can go out, but I hated to do it.  So me and Soren stayed in home. Of course, my dad called in the school director about it ” Estelle Williams. She was accustomed to. Naturally, out parents and our two brothers were in the company, which was one of many that the clan possesses. I do not know what they do there. Nobody talked about work at home. Ot at least not before me and Soren. You may wonder somethinf very important. Well, the blood? Previously, I said nothing about drinking of blood. Well, we drink blood. Most of the time we drank animal blood, but sometimes they gave us blood from the hospital. We had donord. The feeling is a little… weird. Especially if you are unfinished vampire.

      Usually if we do not  go to school, we learn about our world. World of darkness. They teach us to fight, to kill small animals. Learning and legends. Hypnosis, manipulation… And sometimes, to heal. The last is always surprised me. Mama said that if we are not humans this is not mean that we should be monsters. To be honest, I am good especially in healing. My other skills will improve when I became a ‘coplete’ vampire.

      Soren amused. I saw his smile and it makes me happy. Just that I felt like a fool. I could not do anything right. It’s sucks. Finally, I threw the book that I had to read and escaped from the ‘classroom’. Soren wanted to follow me, but they do not let him go.






Vampire Kingdom [chapter 1 to chapter 5]

= 1 =


The world of vampires is much more complex than that of humans. We are strong, but this causes many of us crave for more power. This happens in royal circles. I’m from ordinary noble family. My father is a clerk or something like that and my mother… Well, she likes to take part in various events. I don’t like politics, so I do not want to talk about it. I am an only child, and that makes my life a little more complicated. My parents had much expectations from me. Actually there is something…Before I was born, my parents had a son. He was good at everything he’s attempted. But he was killed. Nobody knew what had happened. Then Mom and Dad don’t presuppose that they will have me. I was born almost 200 years after the death of my brother. I’m young. I have not many vampires on my age.

     I was not allowed to go out alone. They referring to me as if I were made of glass. I have very caring parents. I’m not saying this is bad, but it is too… annoying. Because I had personal maid ” Mora. She looked young but she was actually over 400 years old. She was like my shadow ever since my birth. Honestly I spend more time with her than with my parents. She was beautiful. Had long black hair and beauty green eyes. She had many candidats for marriage, but she never married. She said she didn’t want to leave me until she make sure that I’m okay. This bothered me a lot. I felt guilty.

     I was in my room. I was extinguish all light. I refused to eat. I have no mood for some time and I do not know why. It was sort of … feeling. Probably because my dad came home still worried. I heard that there were any problems in the Kingdom. I dared not ask, we did not like at all. Even though I had a secret. I practised martial skills. I trained every day since I was 10 years old. This means that I trained from 7 yeans and a half. I became a true master with the sword and martial arts. I can ride too. Frankly ballroom dances and receptions were much more complicated and annoying. But I had to make sacrifices. I was grateful to Mora that kept my secret. But I kept hers. Anyway…




     Few days later…


     It was night when Dad came home and he was not alone. It had three figures shrouded in black cloaks. They moved like shadows in the hallway. I saw my mother bowing slightly. I felt quite strange presence, and this caused my curiosity. I asked Mora, but she didn’t tell me anything. She said only that they will remain for several days. I was angry and I asked Mora to leave me alone. She refused and this made me mad. My eyes becane not red like most vampires. They turns violet. All considered that they are pretty sweet and sexy,

    I waited awhike and got out of my room. I walked quietly along the corridor, so as not wake anyone. Let me just say here the vampires are not like those from the stories. We can go out during the day and even eat normal food. But to return to the topic. My steps were muddled by the thick black carpet with red flowers. Only my dress bertayed slight rustling. I loved that dress. It was long and red. Of pure sulk and beautiful lace. Without the corset. I hate corsets. Sometimes they bind it so strongly that I can barely move. So I told my mom that I would rather die that wear a corset again.

     As I crawled along the Dad’s library, I heard a noise. I frozr in place, but only a few seconds. Then I hurried to get out of there. I felt icy chills on my back. Whoever is digging in the library of my father, he definitely saw me. I stopped in the middle of the hallway. Wait! Why am I hide? This is my home after all. I can walk wherever I want and whenever I want. Yet the power that I felt was too strange.

     For bad luck I came across our butler ” Carlson. He is quite rigorous and strict. He looked at me closely and asked me to go back to my room. While the application is not the word. I went to the room and I did not stop angry. But that annoying old man. Eventually I managed to fall asleep.


 = 2 =

In the morning I had to eat in my room. I can not believe that they treat me like this. Who the hell were the mysterious guests? I asked Mora, but she said nothing. I am a patient person but this has already passed the limit of my patience. I eat a little. Mora came up to me and looked worried.


-What is it, miss Alisteria.


     I did not answer. I thought that she is my friend but… I can not stand such secret. She understood that I am angry. She began to justify herself, but it will not change anything. Even more strange is that my parents left to work at home. Infuriating. So I decided to do the only thing that helps me. I put on clothes which I wore when I exercise. That’s what I would do. To train. I will not hide. Of course, Mora pleaded with me not to do it. Well, that was something like rebellion. Generally I ignored her request.

       Proudly I walked down the hallway and the woman followed me with fright. My mother saw me and she almost faint. Her maid took her. But never felt pity for her. Once they do what they want, then I can too.


   -Ali? What are you wearing?

 -Nothing special. I’m going to train.

 -Please? Oh no! You should take piano lessons.

 -It’s boring and I will not do it.

 -What are you talking about, my daughter?

 -Allom, Mistress! ” Mora interventions.


 -She’s angry because you did not say about…


    Mora paused. She dared not finish the sentence. And my mother did not want to tell me anything. Okay. I will not live with that. I can not believe that they don’t trust me. I bit my lips because I do not want to say something or not to cry. I did not ran into my room. Overlooked my mother and two maids, and went to the backyard. I wore my sword, but I squeezes so hard that my knuckles of my hand became white as snow. So white, almost transparent. But I would calm down. I should do it.

      A lot of time trying to concentrate. I lash with the sword, but gave up. From personal experience I knew to train well I need to calm. Since I was not relaxed quit. I went inside the house when I saw that one of our mysterious guests watch me. Strange. Why did not I noticed? For someone who lies, he or she, doesn’t quickly disappear. Since this seemed to me a little suspicious, I decided not to go near him.

      Problem. Once I reached the door, it appeared that I can not login. Barrier? I looked  at the stranger, and he stood and watched me. It was enough that my own parents lie to me, and now he found me cause. Who thinking he is?


-Don’t hinder me, stranger?


     When he spoke I knew that he is a man, but also realized that it was not his real voice.


-For a girl of noble family you are pretty rough.

 -It’s not your problem.

 -Sure. But you have experience with the sword.

 -Exactly. ” I looked at him defiantly.

 -Then you will not object to come with me into the city.

 -City? Since I realized both of us it is forbidden to leave the house… alone.

 -Alone? We are not alone. I’m with you, you’re with me.

 -You what? Don’t ask me to be your bodyguard, right? ” I smiled.


     Frankly, this proposal intrigued me, because more than anything I wanted freedom. I pretended that I consider the proposal, but eventually still accepted. We had agreed to meet at the back door of the garden at midnight. Only then stranger let me go. And while I came to I realized that now I do not care who they are. But they definitely possessed great power and were ancient… but not much. Or at least the one with whom I spoke.

= 3 =

 At dinner we were just family members. Mom did not stop to convince Dad that he must forbid me to train. I think that he approve of what I did.


-But, darling… She is a lady. She should not be traveling around with weapons in hand.

 -Let her go, baby. Let’s do what makes her happy. However, none of our family is not famous with weakness.


     I do not be turned on in the conversation. I’m done with dinner and I got to my room. Mora helped me to take my bath and to go to bed. She went into her room. There was an hour until midnight. I heard my parents to go out. However, we are vampires. But I was too young… It is their opinion. I felt more like a human than as a vampire. All these unnecessary care made me feel so… useless.

      There was a little more time. I put on my ‘male’ clothes. So mom called trousers and shirts. According to her and her friends, ladies should wear only dresses and skirts. But I can not use them in my no longer secrets training. They are unnecessary and awkward. Anyway, I dressed and hair tied with a red ribbon. I got a plain black robe. I don’t want to attract undue attention. I got money. My clothes ended with black leather boots and of course… my sword. It seemed like a fine weapon, but the truth is that it’s much harder. Appearance lying.

      I way out of my room, but through the window. My flying skills and move long distances was getting better. I snuck into the garden and quickly came to the meeting place. There were a few more minutes. I hid in the shadows that surround the gate. The aroma of roses and orchids did a wonderful night. I’d go to town… with a stranger. One was clear: he would not have asked me to accompany him if there was no need for me. Fun.

      Already after midnight and he was gone. Something tells me that I just waste my time. The stranger would not come to the meeting. Son of a bitch! I realized it too late. Hmm… He would pay for it. The strange thing was that I did not feel angry. On the other hand I was ready for a training. This I did. Every movement was well measured. I jumping in the air and slash it seemed it composed of matter. It was like a dance. And finally… I felt no fatigue… just peace and satisfaction. Yes… Maybe it was not a waste of time. So I went to my room. I go to bed with a smile. It was shortly before the rising of the dawn.

= 4 =


Throughout the day I knew that someone watching me. That imposter. I stayed away from him. I did not pay attention on him. I learn my lesson. I don’t believe on any of his words.  Not anymore. Of course, I did not say a word to anyone. I did not benefit from it. And I was a little busy because the visit of my friend Anna. Well, we were not exactly friends. She is the daughter of a friend of my mom. Little spoiled bitch. She followed me on my heels and told me about all her admirers, about the celebrations, which she was… I knew that she is laugh to me because I’m not running anywhere. I desperately wanted to scream: ‘LEAVE ME ALONE!’ But I could not.

     I tried to get out. I ran down the corridor, and the dress I wore as if not step on the ground. I heard Anna calling me. I knew she was behind me. Damn! Just when I thought she would find me, when someone pulled me into the shadows. Hide me with his cloak and told me to keep quite. So when Anna passed along the corridor, she did not see me. I waited about two minutes and got out. I knew it was that fool. I did not intend to thank him.

-When someone help you is right to thank! ” He said.

-Really? What you say to someone who does not come to a meeting, has asked himself?

     He said nothing. And what he can say? I’ve been right in this case. I turned and walked away but he grabbed my arm.

-Let me go!

-You’re right. I did not came. But you have a good time, right?

-It’s true. But don’t come closer to me again, stranger!

-Why you call me that?

-And how? You and the others are a mystery. And why did you here?

     I do not expecting response from him. I hardly get any. So I left. Thank God that nuisances Anna and her mother had left. It was necessary. I saw Daddy talking to some men. All seemed worried. then Mora ended up next to me. She placed her hands on my shoulders. I looked at her, but she looked very worried and scared. She asked me to go to my room. This time I did not to argue with her. I knew something was happening. I felt it. But it had no time to ask questions.

     Mora stood by me.

-Are you okay? ” I asked, although I knew the answer.


-You are not convincing. Something serious happening, right?


-I know. You can not tell me. Never, you said nothing. Because of what happened to my brother, right? You keep me here!

-This is…

-You can not keep me forever, Mora. I’m not a child. I’m not weak. But with your attitude towards me, you gonna  become… useless vampire.

      She looked at me with wide eyes. Maybe from so care she had not thought about it. I know she feels bad because of this, but the truth hurts. And I was very angry. I chased Mora from the room. I did not want to hurt her. Once she came out, I shrank to the window.  I compelled myself not to cry. I did not move even when I heard shouting in the corridor. Someone  was angry. Suddenly it became quiet again. Someone stealthily entered in my room. Seemed to be hiding. I rose.



      I felt movement at the door. We wait until the man leaves. Stranger approached.

-What’s wrong? You don’t look good.

-I’m not. ” I replied.

-Why? If I may ask, of course.

-They kept me. Too much. They will make me worthless creature. I do not want. They did not tell me anything. Never.

     He sat beside me. I had no intention to argue with him.

-Can I trust you, miss Alisteria? ” he asked.

-And I can I?

     Then the stranger removed his hood. He had silver hair and bright eyes, but this is hardly their ‘real’ color. It took me a few seconds, but I remembered where I saw this man.

-Damn! What we have here? Royalty.

-I hope that we can be in better relationship now. You know my secret.

-Relax! I’ll keep quiet, but…


-Tell me what happens. Please!

     He watches me some time. Then he decided to trust me. He told me that there are problems in the palace. That there is a traitor. So there have rumor that he had gone outside the kingdom. Something as a precaution. From his words I realized that he feels like in trap just like me. And he is locked in this house just like me.

-So that was all… I understand.


-Maybe the reasons  are different, but the fact is that they keep us both here against our will. ” I answered with the calm tone of which  I was capable of… now.

-This is your home. Your family is here. And I…

-Home? No… Prison. I can not go out unaccompanied, but even then I do not run often. I’m like a dog on a leash. They treat me like I am made of glass. And all because of what happened to my brother.

-You have a brother?

-They say that he was killed before I was born. But that is not the issue. I’m a vampire and they treat me like I’m helpless as a human. And I’m not.

     Prince Frau wanted to say something, but outside the door heared a noise. It was Mora. She knocked, but received no response. So she try again. This time I told her to go. I understand that she will come back soon. What boredom. But even more annoying is the peace of the Prince. After all that said, he should at least be angry or irritated. But no. He stood calmly. Calm as a statue.


= 5 =

-Calm down, Lorelei! Everything will be fine.

-Don’t you realize that you put us all in danger as bring them… in our home. William, please! I don’t want our daughter to suffer.

-Alisteria is strong and brave. Looks like her brother.

-And you see what happened to Gabriel. We lose one child. I will not lose and the other one.

     Lorelei was completely serious when it comes to her family. She is loyal on the royal family but would not sacrifice the lives of those she loves. William understood this very well. And he has the same option. Only that this task was entrusted to him. If he was refure, that would be considered as treason.

     Then in the guest room came two veiled figures. They tore down their coat and sat down. They were man and woman. They could wear civilian clothes but their behavior it produces. They are from the Royal Secret Service. They were sent to protect the young prince. Their names? The woman was Maya and the man ” Clay. They were ancient and powerful vampires. But another and are not expected.

-Everythig is all right, Clay?

-For now. The King is grateful for your assistance, Sir William.

-I am honored that I can help.

-There is one thing that you do not know. ” Maya said.

-What? ” Lorelei became restless.

-To express his gratitude, the King sent a team of three people to investigate the case with your son. They will know what happened to him. ” Clay explained.

     Lorelei is nestled in her husband. From her eyes tear slid. However, there is hope to understand what happened to their son. This was the only thing that they want to… or at least one of them.




     I lay in my bed, and the prince was standing by the window. He gazing into the starry sky. Both were silent. I don’t know why he stayed in my room. I don’t know why I left him there. Maybe because we were both the same situation. For him I was the only person he can talk. And I felt so… somewhat. And I must admit that he is not what I expected. He was not arrogant and rude. Or because he was in foreign territory? It’s hard to say.

-Tell me…

     I looked at him and he continued to stare outside.

-About what?

-About your brother.

-I don’t know him personally. I know that he was brace and dealt with everything. Exceptional person.

-Are you admire him?

-Yes. I don’t know him, but I love him… he is my brother after all. But why you ask me?

-I have a brother. Before. They killed him in battle. I was small. He died to save me.

-You feel guilty, right? And I feel the same sometimes, but there is no reason for that, right? He was older than you and that means he must protect you.

-I know, but… I feel that my dad blames me.

-Believe me, I understand you. According to you, why they keep me here? From fear. I want to escape and take control over my own life.

     Then he looked at me. I smiled. He looked at me with a perculiar look as if he were up to something.

-Well, let’s do it. To escape.

-You serious? ” I stood by the bed and looked at him with slight confusion.

-Yes. I will look for the one who tries to harm my family, and you’ll know about your brother. We will act alone. According to our rules. What do you say?

     Frau seemed filled with enthusiasm. But he was right. I agreed. It’s hard to believe it, but I accepted to go with the Prince. Both had clear objectives and we had to achieve them. We would be team. Which is not so bad idea.

     The fix was to take a few bags and leave immediately. I agreed. But why? Why not thinking about what I would cause to my parents? Why is my only thought was to find out about my brother? I don’t know him. But blood is thicker than water. I will not allow someone to treat my family this way.


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