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Bleach vs. Noblesse

Bleach vs. Noblesse


Knights: Did I mention that they are vampires? [chapter 1 to chapter 7]

[these are the first 7 chapters – there have 8 more… for now]


Chapter 1


The night began as any other. Calm and quiet. It was early summer so the weather was neither too hot nor too cold. The scene of roses came from the garden at the home of my grandmother. My parents sent me to Grandma Rosemary, while making a major renovation of our house in the city. Honestly, I loved going to stay at my grandmother. There I felt good. The truth is that I’m not very sociable and people don’t like me much. Maybe the reason is that I don’t like to deal with meaningless things like shopping for fun. I find it annoying. On the other hand, my sister Laurie loved to shop. We were complete opposites, but we got along. She had a strange hobby ” magic. Grandma instigating her for that. I watched her only to make sure that she will not hurt. Take care of each other, although we were almost the same age.  

      My hobby was to read strange books. I love to paint and listen to music. Although I shared my hobbies with my sister. But she had many friends and she go out with them. Actually I forgot to say that I’m Kate and I am 17 years old, and Laurie is 16. Now we were on vacantion, so we have plenty of free time. But while Laurie went with her friends, and I helped on my grandmother and her neighbors. I earn extra money. I also had a part time job at a nearby supermarket. It was not much. I wore a uniform and pretend to be polite. It is not easy. But I was doing pretty well. Moreover, I knew almost all customers.
      One morning my grandmother came along with Laurie. My boss let me go earlier at the request of my grandmother. It turned out that we work at home. So we went back. We started to clean. My job was in the garden in front the house. Even wore special clothes. Then I saw that arrive car and truck across the street. I called Grandma and she came. My sister too.
 -Who are they? ” Laurie asked.
       Neither the grandmother not the other gossip from the neighborhood knew who were the owners of the big dark house.  I remember that when we were small, me and Laurie are inserted there to look for ghosts. Then out stepped elderly gentleman. The driver, perhaps. He opened the rear door. Boy went down. Rather, the young man roughly my age. I’m not sure. He was dressed entirely in black, and it suited him well. Went down and one girl. She wore a dark purple dress and the skirt was pleated. The girl had beautiful blonde hair. My sister and my grandmother, and other neighbors saw them. The blond girl looked at us. Laurie said at least because I was working. Unlike others, I was not curious. And all of the time. But I felt otherwise. For a moment I saw the face of my sister. It was red.
 -What’s wrong? ” I asked.
 -He looks at us?
 -Who is watching us?
 -The boy from the ‘white’ house.
 -So? Come on! ” I looked at her. ” Get back to work.
      Then took her by the arm and took her inside. I rebuked her, and then again went back to work. By the end of the day we were both tired. We stood in the living room after dinner and watched the news on TV when the front door rang. Grandma went to open it. At one time she sounded very happy with something. I heard her to say: “Please, come in!”. Laurie looked at the door with curiosity. Not long after she came through the door with our new neighbors. My sister’s eyes gleamed.
      Once guests are seated, my grandmother asked me to serve tea. I did it. I held up politely as I was taught, but most of the time I stood there quietly. I don’t ask questions because my sister did it. The boy was Alex and the girl ” Ella. They say that their parents traveled a lot. They  did not mention anything about their personal life.  No details. I felt something strange about them. I cannot explain it. But there was another. Alex looked at me almost all the time. At least until my phone rang and I was need to go into another room.
     Sought me not someone else, but my friend from school. As far as I had known he likes me. I was really surprised by the call.
 -Terry? Why are you calling? ” I asked.
 ‘I wanted to check out how are you.’
 -Well, I’m fine. Thank you.
 ‘I heard from your parents that you’ll stay in the home of your grandmother, because they will travel. Is it true?’
 -Yes. And I found out recently. I will teach in local high school. And now… I have guests here and I can not speak. Bye!
      I hang up before they let him say something. Terry was kind to me, but most of the time behaved little possessive. I do not like it. Anyway, I went on score and noticed a new face. Grandma presented him as the older brother of Alex and Ella. His name was Eric. Had black hair and bright eyes. Was dressed in black jeans and white shirt. He bow down slightly. I also nodded and sat next to my sister.
 -Who was that? ” Grandma asked, indicating the phone.
 -Classmate. More precisely, ex-classmate. He heard the we moved here. That’s it.
      I spoke calmly, but avoided watching our guests in the eyes. Moreover, they did not remain very long. Then came the friends of my grandmother. They and my sister pass stopped excited by newly arrived neighbors. I ate cake and I got into my room, lay on the bed and listening to music. Maybe I fell asleep because I dreamed something very strange. There was fog and crows. I saw shadows. Nothing defined. Everything was messed up and fast shot. I felt breathless and tired and suddenly woke up. My sister slept in the next bed and the room was dark. I looked at the clock showed 4:15 am. I could not sleep, so I went into the kitchen. Poured a glass of water and sat in the dark. I thought about my grandfather. He was alive, but he lived in a small hut to a lake, whose name was difficult to adjudicate. With grandmother had separated years ago but not officially. Grandpa Harry was a good man. Many love him, but rarely see. Thank God, he and grandma were on good terms.
      As I stood, I heard a car stop. Very surprised, because he was still very early. I looked out the window. Grandpa? What is he doing here at this time? I went to meet him.
 -Grandpa? ” I tried to be quiet. ” What are you doing here at this time?
      He came and hugged me. I felt the familiar smell of tobacco.
 -I have a meeting with my old friends from the hunting club. But why do not you sleep?
 -You know that I am early riser. But come in! I’ll make breakfast.
       Whereas the entry I noticed that my grandpa looking around. I said nothing, though it seemed a little strange. As I promised, I made pancakes with blueberry syrup and fruit tea. We ate in silence.
Chapter 2

The White House…


      Inside the house was empty. Well, yes, the new owners had just entered. There were only a few chests. Three youths were at the top of the house ie the ceiling. There were three strange things… Large rectangular and covered with fabric. Chests? No… Coffins? Both were greater in black with gold ornaments, the thirs was white and smaller. The girl stood on top of the closed which casket and filing her nails with a file.

 -These people are very annoying.
 -You should have more patience, Ella. ” Eric said quietly, looking at the moon through the skylight.
 -Why she is not interested from us?
 -You mean the girl, right Alex?
 -Yes. I heard her conversation. It was  not just a classmate. It sounded like something more.
 -Are you jealous? ” Ella smiled as subtly revealed elongated canines.
 -Don’t be ridiculous. I am curious. All are interested in us, and she does not care.
      Eric turned to them.
 -Our new friend… arrived.
 -Harry is his name, right, brother?
 -Yes. We must be careful with him and his friends. We have a common goal, but it is better not to reveal. Can you guess where he lives?
 -In THAT house?
      Eric smiled. Not long after the three went to their ‘special’ beds. They are not afraid of daylight, but they spent most ot the night awake, so they slept (or more precisely ” rest), mainly during the day. If it is not clear yet… they’re vampires.


Chapter 3


Once the sun rose, grandmother and Laurie appeared in the kitchen. Surprised to see grandfather there. Laurie hugged him, then the grandparents went into another room to hold a conversation. I was curious. I serve breakfast on my sister and sneak into the small corridor. I heard a lot of conversation. Only some fragments such as: ‘dangerous’, ‘hunting’, ‘demons’ or something. Allegedly stormed the room accidentally.

 -Is there a problem? ” I asked.
 -No, dear! ” Grandma smiled, but her eyes issue it. ” Your grandfather will stay here for awhile.
 -This is great news.
 -What is it, Grandma?
 -I spoke with your boss at the shop and she agreed to reduse the change in the store.
 -Why? What happened? ” is was already weird.
 -Do not you remember?  You… I mean you and Laurie, you have to prepare for school.
 -Oh yes!
      I clapped my forehead with my hand because I had really forgotten about it. Summer School? It would be… unpleasant. As I announced that to my sister and she was so delighted as I am. So she eat it quickly, grabbed my hand and led me to my room. Yes, the room was mine, but Laurie often slept there. As I said, we went into the room. My sister is buried in my closet. She started to looking for appropriate clothing.
 -Come on, Laurie! I will wear as usual. You’re the one that puts more… modern.
 -You’re right. ” she came up to me and kissed me on the cheek. ” Thanks for breakfast.
      I thought she would leave, but she did not. In fact, she shut the door and sat on the bed to the wall. She looked at me with a slight smile.
 -Well? It was Terry, right?
 -Last night on the phone.
 -Oh yes! He heard that Mom and Dad leave.
 -You both still go out?
 -We never go out… officially.
 -But you know he’s in love with you, right?
 -I don’t think so. But even so be it… You know him, right? He thinks I’m his property.
 -I know what you say. I went out with him all week.
      I lifted eyebrows and rolled my eyes. Laurie laughed, then me too. We have prepared our backpacks with a notebook and pens. Additional hours starting at 11:00 noon and ending at 15:00 in the afternoon. We had time, but Laurie made me go earlier. She was right.



       We walked on a small alley on the way to school. We knew this place. My sister talking to, when startled by a car horn. Both of us looked in sync. From the window of the passenger seat appeared Alex. He asked us where we were going.

 -We have extra hours at school. ” Laurie answered.
      They invited us to go with them because they go there too. I was ready to quit, but before noticed, my sister had already uploaded. I had no choice. I can not leave her alone with them. I don’t inspire confidence. So I got on. Not that the road was very long.
      I went down with impatience. On the other hand my sister talking to Ella. Obviously they both are understand each other well, and they would learn together. I was studying with Alex, and their brother Eric was an assistant teacher of literature. For now though we were in a preparatory group. What unenviable luck.
      Met deputy director… Mr. Tom Miller. Little man with bald head and small round glasses. A little like a mole. Subtle smile appeared on the face of Eric. Strange. Like copying my actions. I shook my head slightly. Mr. Miller brought us into a small classroom. Apparently only we would learn. Once seated, we received a syllabus. It turned out that for now we will teach by Eric and Mr. Miller. I can not hide my puzzle that Eric is a teacher. He seemed too young for that.
      I sat on a  small bench at the rear in column. Not pay attention to what they were saying because I was too absorbed in my own thoughts. I find it quite suspicious sudden appearance of my grandfather. Why now? Why would remain? Not that I’m glad, but it seems strange. And after the appearance of these strange people. I was immersed in my own thoughts that I did not notice when they are all gone. Or almost all of them.
 -Where are you?
      I was scared and I looked up. Eric stood against me and stared at my face.
 -I’m here.
 -If something is bothering you…
      I stood up and walked towards the door. I stopped in the doorway and looked over my shoulder lightly.
 -It’s okay. Thanks anyway… sir.
      I don’t think that he believe me. The truth is that he looked at me as if he knowing exactly what I think. Unlike my sister. She preferred to deal with her new ‘friends’. Although they looked a little bored with my sister. I love her, but she is quite annoying sometimes. I never dared to say it.


Chapter 4


     In home, Laurie told on grandmother about how we spent the day. I had no time for that because I had to go to work. There, I can distracted by my thoughts. There was a lot of customers. Furthermore, I had to arrange the products and other items. For a moment I looked through the window and saw my grandfather and his friends. Some of them were young. Seemed less serious. I stared and did not notice the foreign presence.

-So this is it?

     I turned and almost dropped a box of cornflakes.

-Oh, excuse me! ” he smiled and looked at a group of my grandfather.

-I must apologize.

     I went back to work, but Eric followed me. Really was a little suspicious. Seem like he doesn’t care about me and those around me.

-Who watched? If I may ask, of course…

-My grandfather. He arrived early for a meeting with the Hunting Club.

-Hunting Club?

-Yes. Although…


-I don’t remember some of them had returned with… catch. Which is odd for a hunting club, right?

-I suppose so.


-Call me Eric. Can you?

     I nodded. The boss invited me to continue with my work. I hate to scold me. I proceeded to arrange the goods, but my new teacher followed me this his eyes. He just stood there. It makes me nervous. Then he said something to my boss. He watching her in the eyes. Finally she smiled, came to me and told to that I can go. I’m free today. I did not expect this. However, I change my clothes and went to the street. There was raining, so I stay under the shelter to the store. It become cold, and I was without a jacket.  I reviled because I did not like at all.

-Uncomfortable weather, huh?

     Eric was standing right behind me.

-What’s you say to her?


-On my boss. She never let me go early.

-Well, I convinced her that you needed from a break.


-Come on! I’ll ride you.

-Why you speak with me as we are friends? ” I looked at him and he stood seriously.

-Perhaps because it is better to be friends.

     “Better”he said? Why? Is there an alternative? There was something in his eyes that scares me. However, I do not dared to refuse. I got in his car.

     He urged caution and insisted even put my seat belt. Everyone would say: ‘God, he is so cares!’ For some reason I do not think so. There is something hidden behind his behavior. Secret. This does not give me rest. Moreover this really scared me and I was sure it was a reason. Suddenly the car stopped. I looked up to him.

-What’s wrong?

-Tell me about your grandfather.


-I noticed that there are no pictures of him in the house of your grandmother.

     I was silent. Why the hell he cares? I did not see the need to respond. Then he turned to me and forced me to look at him stright in the eyes. I was shivering. Suddenly his eyes changed their color to light blue. My breath stopped. I wanted to scream. My mind was screaming: ‘RUN!’ but my body did not move. I was paralyzed and I did not know why.

-And now… answer on my question, girly! ” his voice was cold and filled with menace. Inhuman voice I would say.

-I… – I could not obey the order. ” He does not live here.

-Why is he here then?

-I don’t know.


-As I said, he mentioned meeting with the hunting club. Nothing more. I swear!

     He leaned towards me and I saw something. Long sharp teeth. He can not be… It can not be…

-Oh it can!

     I looked at him with horror.

-That’s right, girly. I can read your mind, girly!

-You… you…

-I am a vampire. That’s right, baby. But if you say only one word about it… I’ll kill you. Do you understand me?

     I nodded like crazy. I was terrified. Therefore afraid of them. That is why everyone was so excited. I was shivering and wanted to escape. I tried, but Eric grabbed me and brought me back to my place. He watned me with look to stay there and not move. I was curled up on the seat and barely breathing. The car drove off again.


Chapter 5


     Eric drove me home. He warned me to keep my mouth shut. I literally ran from the car. I raided in the house. I closed the door and leaning on the wall because my knee shaking. I heard the voice of my grandfather. He shouldn’t see me like that. In an effort I rushed to my room. I closed the door and I turned on my bed. I could not even cry. Just trembling with fear. They… They are… monsters. It can not be real. Although this explains their unreal perfection. Pale skin and the particular broadcast. On top of that they lived so close, and my sister… no, everyone was charmed by them. But why I was different? Why I can not fall into the trap of their charm and not be so afraid?

      Someone knocked on the door.
 -Who is it? ” I tried to soothe my voice.
 -Blake. Remember me? We played together when we were children. Can I come in?
      I took a deep breath and stood up. I fixed my hair and asked him to come in. The door opened and the threshold stood a boy about 19 years old. He is tall and charming. Even in his clothes he looked strong. His hair was light, his eyes ” brown with light golden reflections. He smiled. I blushed up. Damn! He was so beautiful.
 -Come in!
 -Wow… you have changed!
 -You became even more beautiful than before.
      Yeah… This time I definitely blushed. He noticed and smiled.
 -What are you doing here? ” I asked.
 -Well, I am with my father. All of the Hunting club are below. I decided to come and to tell you ‘Hi’.
 -Are you in this club?
 -Yes. Recently, but yeah.
 -What exactly do you hunt?
 -You are curious, huh?
 -Well, my grandfather did not say anything. And never has caught. And it rarely comes to the home of grandma at midnight.
      Blake laughed and walked over to me. I felt my hear drove faster. I could not tear my eys from him.
 -For now we do not hunt. Just watch… the prey.
 -Huh…- and in this moment, only a split second, my mind came the image of Eric and this brought me back to reality.
 -Are you okay, Kate? ” Blake asked.
 -Oh yes! Sorry. I’m a bit distracted.
 -I understand. Do you want to go out?
      He does not invite me to go out with him, right? When I watching his expectations glance I realized that he do it exactly this. I agreed. I asked him just to wait for me to change my clothes. It took me ten minutes to pick something suitable. Not that I try to be nice for him. Or maybe I did? I’m just not used to invite me. Especially cool guys like Blake.
      I emerged from my room and went to the first floor. There everyone talking. Even grandma. There were Laurie and her new ‘friends’. I do not dare to look at them. Thank God, Blake drew me out of this situation. But I felt someone’s gaze on my back. In my back went icy chills. I hurried to get out of there. Of course, the boy followed me. He offer me a walk with his car, but I preferred to walk. He agreed with me.
      At first we walked in silence. Then Blake started to talk to me.
 -Are you worried for something?
      I looked up to him.
 -Me? No! Why?
 -Well, for starters you tremble. I noticed that you don’t like youe new neighbors.
 -Oh no! It’s not like that.
      Yeah! Just as it was. Not that I don’t like them. They terrified me because I knew what they are. It’s easy to say the Hunting club for them, but… How could I do it? Hardly they would have believe me. But even this to happen, someone would be harmed and it will be my fault.
 -Kate? Kate? ” I was scared, when Blake touched my shoulder.
 -Sorry! I am distracted.
 -If you want we can back in home. I’ll understand.
 -It’s nothing. I’m fine.
      How could I go back there while they are there? I don’t even think about it. For this reason, with the boy went to eat ice cream. We talked a long time. Shortly before dark we went back to my home. There were just other people. Hunting Club scatter axis and at home stay only my family. Laurie asked me about me new friend. I told her about my walk with him. And she, of course, did not stop to tell me about her three new ‘best’ friends. I wanted to warn her about them, but did not give me heart to do it. That would only make matters worse. Therefore, only asked her that she must  sleep in her room. She accepted.


Chapter 6


 I was in the dark room and was wonderind… How I came into this situation? Vampires…It can not be real. It shouldn’t. But…

 -But it’s true! ” Someone’s voice whispered.
      I jumped out of bed and nearly fell. My heart is mad with fear. I knew who and what is.
 -How did you…?
 -How did I get in? Easy, baby. And I was invited.
 -Go away, Eric! Get out, you…
 -Monster? Oh yeah! This is my nature. But we are not in town with bad intentions.
      He came closer. Now I can see him on the weak moonlight. His eyes shone and I saw sharp teeth. The scream rush in my chest. But before I even to release a sound, he grabbed me and pulled me to himself. His fingers were around my neck.
 -If you scream I’ll kill you! ” He stared in my eyes. ” Do you understand… human?
      I nodded. I knew what would follow. I was trembling, but I could not move. I was paralyzed with fear. And maybe not just him. Eric slowly leaned toward my neck. I felt his icy breath. His tongue left a slight mark on my neck. And then… His teeth stuck into my flesh. The pain was indescribable. Strong and burning. I was crying, but I could not yell for help. I felt how he drinks my blood. But that was shorter than I thought. The vampire licked every way a drop of blood from my neck. He was smiling. I thought that I would faint. Did not happen. Eric grabbed me and helped me to lie down comfortably. He don’t leave.
 -What more do you want? ” I whispered.
 -So you and the hunter, huh? How long have you friends?
 -None of your business. ” I pressed cloth against on my neck.
 -Answer me! ” He growled.
 -Of children. I have not seen him long ago. I don’t believe that he remember… or like me.
 -What did you tell him about us?
      I was trembling. Why he doing this? What does he want from me this monster?
 -What… did… you… tell him… about us? ” He repeated very slowly.
 -Nothing. I swear. He said he recently was at the Club. The club…
      I raised my eyes and looked the bloodsucker. There was no need to say anything. He reads every thought. This is disappointing. Thoughts must be individual and private.
      Eric leaned towards me. Slowly… very slowly… I felt his breath. The scent of blood that he drunk. My blood. He touched my face, my lips… He took the scent of my skin. I was scared, no… more terrified.
 -Do you want to tell you what this club is? Do you, girly?
      I nodded. I really wanted to know the truth. But if I would have liked… it is another matter. Eric leaned even more and whispered in my ear:
 -These hunters hunt… creatures like me. Vampires and others.
 -Hunt… vampires? ” I repeated.
 -Yes… But now there are more important things. Relax! I will not kill them… for now.
      A tear slid from my eyes and he took it with tongue. I dared not move. Just standing there. And he told me something that terrified me even more than what happened before few minutes. Suddenly he stopped up my mouth with his hand. He make a sign to keep silent. Someone knocked on the door. It was my grandfather. He urged to let him come in. The vampire commanded me to let him go and to talk with him. But I must be careful because he will listen. Then he went into the bathroom and I opened the door. Of course, I wore a towel around my neck like I was in the bathroom.
 -Oh Grandpa! What is it?
      He entered in the room and looked suspicious. I watched him.
 -What is wrong, Grandpa?
 -Blake told me that you was a little… distracted. Everything okay?
 -Yes. Everything is fine.
 -I heard and otherwise…
 -What have you heard?
 -That you don’t like the new neighbors. Is it true?
      I laughed to hide the truth.
 -Not that I do not like them. I don’t know them, and I’m pretty skeptical to others.
 -I understand.
 -What is it, child?
 -What’s you hunt in this… Hunting club? I guess you can tell me… right?
 -Different things.
 -For example?
      He could not answer because my grandmother called him. He disappeared through the door relieved that he will not answer me. It was not necessary. I already knew. The door stood open front me. I heard a whisper in my head. I approached the door and for a moment I thought I could escape. The growl behind me made me froze in place. The door closed in front me, and I found myself pressed against the wall. I closed my eyes, but nothing happened. I opened them and nobody is there. I was alone.


Chapter 7


     Two days I did not see any of THEM. Laurie was sad. Thank God I did not noticed marks on her. Me… no one noticed me, so I was relieved that no one saw the track. Blake came and we talking. He really likes me. So I felt a little guilty. I wanted to tell him about Eric, that he drank my blood. But if I do it… It will become worse. So I smiled and pretended. I didn’t like it. I went out with Blake.

 -You know, Kate, you’re funny.
 -You think? People don’t think so.
 -But people don’t like as me.
       I blushed up. My heart was beating fast. He almost kissed me. But just then HE came… I raised my eyes.
      He stared at Blake. He did not seemed fascinated. None of them was not.
 -We need to talk. ” Eric said… to me.
 -Now she is busy, buddy! ” Blake answered.
 -I do not talking to you. Kate…
 -Okay… I’m coming. ” I said with a slightly trembling voice.
 -Kate? ” Blake looked at me.
 -It must be something about school. He is my teacher. I’ll see you later. Okay?
      The boy nodded, but I saw that he do not like it. What could I do? The vampire would kill him. So I had no choice but to remove the vampire from there.
      I took him away. More precisely, in his home. There was no one. Only two of us. Before I knew… I was lying on my back on the floor with my hands pressed over my head.
 -It took only a few days… You converged with him, huh, bitch?
 -I… I did not tell him anything.
 -I know that you did not. He kissed you? Did he scored you in his bed already? Answer me! ” he shouted.
 -No…no… – I cried. ” What do you want from me? Why torture me like that?
 -Why not? It’s fun.
      Lie. He lied to me. If he don’t cares, why keep it? Is he jealous? No… It can not be… But he kissed me. He kissed me on the force. At least initially. Then I relax. I was aware that if I fight, he will like it even more. I was hoping that he will tired and will let me before he go further. He kissed me with incredible passion. His free hand slid under my shirt. I was numb. My eyes widened. I tried to get out. This excited him even more. I prayed to let me go. I begged him. Is he going to meke me on strength? Would he raped me? Oh no! Even the thought of it terrified me. I was crying and he let me go. Just so.
      I curled up on the floor and he sat next to me.
 -Stop your crying, Kate. I would not hurt you.
 -I do not got to use the force. I can make you to want me. Well, this is already happening. Am I wrong?
 -Yes, you wrong.
       Yeah. He was so sexy and irresistible. Only that he was hematophagous monster. Not to mention that he is walking dead. Or not? I could feel his heart. Even if I do not admit to him, he knew that it is lie.
 -No. I’m not mistaken, – Eric grinned.
 -Tell me… Are you kill me?
 -Depends on you.
 -What does Alex from Laurie?
 -In general, he wanted you. But he will be satisfied with her.
      I turned sharply to look at him.
 -Sex and blood, baby. What do you think?
 -She will do everything he wanted… voluntarily.
 -No… – I screamed. ” She does not know what he is. She do not know that he…
 -That is a vampire? Monster? Tell me, little Kate, why are you so sure that she does not know?
 -She… She would tell me.
 -Really? ” He touch my neck exactly where was the sign he had done me. ” Exactly as you told her about what I have done to you?
      Damn! I clenched my fists and stared at the floor on which I lay. He was right. I may not want, but I must admit that I was not honest with her. How  can I expect that she will be? Damn! Those damn monsters… Why intervened in our lives?
      I stood up, but Eric brought me back in a supine position. Now his eyes were blood red. Thirsty… What color are his eyes to? Maybe change it with his moon. I can not say. I do not know. But his teeth gleamed. I closed my eyes. I know what will follow. Here it is… the pain. I did not move. But his voice sounded in my head:
 ‘Relax!’ ” he whispered. ” ‘The more you fight, the more severe is the pain!’
      It’s easier to say than done. I tried, but failed. It is not easy to relax when is vampire stuck his teeth into your neck. I prayed only to end soon. There was something… something much more unbearable than the pain. It was thought that my sister could feel the same. The pain, the horror… I should not assume. But can I stop them? I’m only human. They’d break me down like a twig.
      My own helplessness piss me off. Gathered all my strength and pushed the vampire. He is away just because he do not expect it. It was a momentum that even I did not expect. Of course, I could not stand on my feet. I was weak because of loss of blood.
 -Enough! If you kill me… do it. You will not treat me like cattle. And Laurie… Only if you touch her…
 -What? What would you do? ” he grinned and the blood made his appearance stunning.
 -Anything to stop you. Maybe they talked about…
      I tried to get up, but I staggered and flew down. I expected to fall. I knew I would fall. But in the last moment I was in someone’s hands. I thought it was Eric. I tried to escape, but his voice stopped me.
 -Don’t! You’re weak.
         No, it was not Eric. I raised my eyes…
      He smiled and looked really nice. But surely it was just a mask.
 -Eric… You was too harsh with her, don’t you think? ” he said.
 -Why? You want to try too?
 -You’re so nasty!
       Ella emerged from the shadows. She laughing. I felt worse than I was. The smell of blood definitely reflected them. They looked at me like I was breakfast. The girl approached menacingly. Just then the door opened with a bang. Rushed three men. All three were tall and beautiful. Whoever was at the front was a little older-looking. With silver hair and gray eyes. Dear God! More vampires. But he just looked at me. Then answered one of the men with him.
 -Steven, take the girl and took care of the scar.
      The man approached. He had beautiful long blond hair and sky-blue eyes. As if he was not real, but an angel fallen from heaven. He helped me to stand up, then he lifted me on his mighty hands. He held me like I was a child. I did not feel threatened. Even when he gave me a bear in a dark corridors.


to be continued…

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